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The First Plane, Reality —Also known as the world of the awake, Reality is exactly as it states. As you’re sitting there, reading this, you’re in Reality. It’s our world as we know it and is depicted as the Earth since that’s the only place we know of that sustains significant life in our universe. When Averus first woke up and stumbled through the vast whiteness, the first thing he found was the small, floating sphere of Reality. He found he could not directly alter it, but he could influence it with outside forces.

Reality also has an infinite amount of parallel dimensions that run behind it, though they all are affected by the other planes. They contain every possibility of every historical event or decision or evolution in the First Plane. For example, one parallel dimension could contain the results if president Abe Lincoln was never shot and the next could be if the world had been completely overtaken by the British Empire. Even more dramatic possibilities could include a new species of humanoid race or advanced technology.

Story arcs associated with Reality and it’s parallel Universes:

-Ashley White’s “Adventures of: Happy Hospital”

-Black Jack’s “BJBB”

-Chester Lloyd’s “Southern Hospitality”

-Ethan Erickson’s “Revenge”

The Second Plane, Paradise —Also known as the world of the asleep, Paradise is known as the world of dreams and the first plane Averus made to connect to Reality. It is made of the collective dreams of those in Reality, it’s parallel dimensions, and the Other World as well. Paradise has a main hub where thousands of portals connect to large expanses of space where certain categories of dreams come together to form a small pocket dimension of their own. For example, there are certain portals that lead to scy-fy landscapes and residents and others to Fairytale forests and medieval castles. More obscure dream categories exist but their portals are pushed farther back on secluded islands.

The Nightmare Realm is an extension of Paradise, a secure, prison-like area where malicious entities known as Nightmares and Boogeymen exist. It is almost impossible to escape and the community grows and feeds off of the darkest fears of humans and demons alike.

Story arcs associated with Paradise:

-Ashley White’s “Adventures of: Paradise Lost”

-Vance’s “Dream Factory”

-Kaige/Boogie’s story

The Third Plane, Season’s Plane — SP was the second world Averus made, connecting to Reality and controlling the weather, seasons, and holidays. There are four continents, each representing one of the four seasons. Let’s take for example this: May is located on the spring continent and June is located on the Summer. A war will wage just a week or so before it hits June 1st with the Spring nation against the summer. Whoever wins or makes the most progress towards victory at that date will have their way over the beginning of that season. If Spring should win, the cool, mild temperatures will flourish into June. If Summer should win, Summer would start early off on a hot vengeance, and in some cases could cause drought.

The continents all have a single person who is named the Keeper.

SpringLands: March Town, dedicated to Saint Patrick’s day: Keeper of Spring, Alister D. Shaymus

SummerTides: July Town, dedicated to the 4th of July: Keeper of Summer: Rachell Laurance

AutumnFields: October Village, dedicated to Halloween: Keeper of Fall: The October Fiend

Winter Wonderland: December City, dedicated to Christmas: Keeper of Winter: The Snow Queen [or king, depending on the heir]

These Keepers lead their nations in times of war and are passed down through family lines or induction.

Story arcs associated with Season’s Plane:

-Alister’s “Season’s Plane”
-Skye’s “Other World”

The Fourth Plane, the Other World — The last plane Averus made was the Other World, a beautiful paradise that he made in Reality’s image, filled with fantastic creatures, technology, races, and so forth. It all remained beautiful until Charlemagne and Neko fell out from under his command and wrecked havoc on the world in spite of their creator. It was during this time that Skye rose to power, after Charlemagne almost obliterated the planet and turned it into a charred shell of what it once was. Under Skye’s guidance, a main city was built called the Inner Sanctum with nine Providences surrounding it, and he claims this area to be the only inhabitable space so far in the Other World. The OW is known nefariously by the other planes of existence and, as would be imagined, Skye has few allies that lie in Paradise, Season’s Plane, Rashia, or the parallel universes.

Story arcs associated with the Other World:

-Skye’s “Other World”

-Deadbird’s story

-Lucien’s story

The Fifth Plane, Rashia — After Averus had connected the first four planes in a circular pattern, something beyond his control happened. In the middle a fifth, much larger plane formed by taking pieces and attributes of everything around it. Rashia is a wide expanse of a world that contains the most vast landscapes, civilizations, creatures, and technology out of all the worlds in the Minicerse. The world itself, however, is quite unstable. Land masses will often move or form without warning and its very existence flickers from time to time. Regardless, it contains the vast majority of story arcs.

Story arcs associated with Rashia:

- Skye’s “Other World”

-Vance’s “Dream Factory”

-Angel’s “Hell Bringers”

-Valentino’s “Street Rats”

-Ichabod’s “Scream! Ichabod”

-Fushia’s “Cyrose City”

-Nahr’s story

-Kroix’s story

The Monochrome Clock Works-- This is Averus’ own personal get away. He made it shortly after creating the worlds as a place of rest. In it reside only a few elements: A white expanse that represents what he was born in, but littered with indefinitely rotating gears and clockwork to add soothing white noise in the background, ranging from small cogs on the floor no more than a foot in diameter to towering, colossal gears in the background that no matter how long you walk towards them, they never appear to get any closer; there are small black and white creatures that scamper around and three large doors that connect to Reality, to the Celestian Highs, and to the Bowels of the Monochrome Clock Works, abbreviated as BotMCW.

The Door to Reality is nearly impossible to pry open, and can not be done so unless one certain condition is met [which was explained in the “Tales of the Imagination” plot, if any of you remember that :,D Essentially though, the door can never be opened].

The Celestian Highs [Not Pictured] — The Celestian Highs is to Heaven or the Afterlife in our culture. It is where Avers and the 12 higher beings, or gods, live together with the departed souls that have lived a good enough life to grant them peace. If a soul is more or less neutral, not good enough to live on in the CH but not bad enough to be sent down to the BotMCW, Averus reincarnates the soul to try again. Only souls are able to live here, and any physical body is rejected. Amongst the preists in the Other World, there is a technique that lets them separate their souls from their bodies, visit the CH, and return back to the OW — but it is a technique that only masters of their religion have learned to use.

The Twelve Higher Beings are split down the middle, with six being “good” and representing Order with the other six “bad” and representing Chaos. They exist in the Miniverse to keep balance.


- Freir

- Imeria

- Angelus

- Ourosis

- Ivan








- Pestel

The ex-gods Neko and Charlemagne were both on the Chaotic side and were replaced with Pestel and Vila.

The Bowels of the Monochrome Clock Works [Not Pictured] —Essentially, Hell. It is very rare that Averus damns a soul to the BotMCW, but it does happen. In the “end game” of the Miniverse Charlemagne and Neko are sent to wander here for eternity. The black and white landscape with the forever-spinning gears are here as well, but the scenery is much different. Certain chunks float lazily in the air and gravity tends to be on the fritz. broken down castles and structures litter the world and pits that drop off into nothingness appears all too common. At first glance the place doesn’t seem so bad, but the true purpose and torture of it is isolation. It could be 50,000 years before a soul meets another, and as soon as the two make eye contact they’re immediately split and sent to another portion of the BotMCW.

~Fun Facts~

-Everything Averus has made has been labeled “Imagination”. So essentially, there is Reality, and there is Imagination.

-Each of the Higher Beings have hair past their waists or lower, so it is a religious practice of the priests and priestesses to not cut their hair.

-The Higher beings also have a set of wings. If a god is kicked out of their circle, the hair is cut short and a bodily mutilation occurs, usually being ripping off one or both of the wings.

-Skye’s associated with almost every other plane and story arch there is, except for Ashley, Chester, and Ethan.

-Ethan and Ashley live in the same parallel universe but at different time periods.

-Though each story arc has a technical end, most are talked about as if the arc is still going on. Even the Other World has a planned out end game, but it won’t be brought about for a long, long time.

"Quoted from AishaNeko's Tumblr"

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