Ashley white

Ashley White

Ashley White is the main protagonist of the Happy Hospital story arc. A normal, human, teenage girl in need of a job to make some money, she accepts a less than ideal job at a run-down, local medical facility called Happy Hospital, not knowning of the bizarre experiments carried out there.

When Ashley first enters Happy Hospital, she is greeted by Aya, the head nurse, who shows here around they facility. During this tour, Ashley first meets Dr. Simon Happy, the head of Happy Hospital, and later after the tour runs into Patient No. 1 who has Beethoven incapacitate Ashley so the "patients" can sing to her "the history of these happy halls".

At some later point during her employment at Happy Hospital, Ashley White is confronted by Collector No. 5 who had been ordered by Collector No. 1 to retrieve Ashley. Ashley resists and, in the commotion of the conflict, impales Collector No. 5 some enviromental hazard.

Ashley White has the correct genetic sequence for the Demon's Cure, the cure that Dr. Simon Happy is looking for in order to save in father, Dr. Michaelis Happy.